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Our inspiration

Nina grew up with horses, spending a large amount of her early years at her local stables.  This led to going to university to study Equine and Human Sport Science. 

After leaving University, Nina started her own company offering various services such as dog walking, personal care and physical training sessions. 

Through this work, Nina started working with a family who had a disabled child called Evie.  Evie was deaf and blind, as well as having limited mobility.   

Nina introduced Evie to the stables she grew up at, who were able to offer special horse sessions where Evie was able to stroke, feed and sit on her favourite horse, Bobby.

Evie sadly passed away in February 2020 but Evie has inspired Nina to set up Let's Enable and start to offer horse sessions to children and adults who would not normally be able to access these type of activities.  

White Horse
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