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Let's Enable Services

Here at Let's Enable, there are two main ways you can experience the power of horses. 


The first option is to visit us at our stables, where you will get the chance to meet the horses, experience the sights, sounds and especially the smells.  

The second option is for the horses to come and visit you.  

Regardless of location, the service offered is flexible and tailored to your needs. 

All services can be provided individually or to small groups as required.

Just ask and we will do whatever we can, just as long as the horses say yes.


See below for more information. 

At the Stables

Come along to the stables and immerse yourself in horse life.  You can meet the horses, see where they live, learn to care for the horses - their everyday needs, help prepare their food and feed them as well as taking them for a little walk.  They all love a cuddle as well, so brushing their mains and stroking their tummies is always a favourite.  

You do not even have to do anything.  Sometimes its great to just hang out with the horses.  

Outreach / Mobile

We fully understand that its not always possible to travel to meet the horses, so they are more than happy to come and see you and your friends at your school college, day centre or home.  They love a little drive out to see you.

There are lots of activities to do when they come to see you.  Brushing/grooming, leading around obstacles and generally being made a fuss of is what they love.

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