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What others have said

"Nina has worked with myself supporting 2 students, aged 15 with a diagnosis of ASD, for 18 months. She has enabled the students to reach their potential at the stables through encouragement, equality and the ability to pass on skills effectively and considerately. 

 Nina is an excellent mentor and has coached the boys through their BHS stage 1 equine care which they passed in July and is currently supporting them through their BHS stage 1 riding. 

Nina is consistently fair, caring and very knowledgeable and I would highly recommend her as an instructor. "

"thank you so much for today - you don't know how much our daughter got out of it. She was bullied  and so her faith in adults is not very high, you have just made her skip around all afternoon, your understanding about  how she felt when she nearly fell off her horse , has brought out such a happiness about her, for being understood. Thanks Nina for being very special  xx "

"Thank you so much for your kindness to our son. He so looks forward to being at the stables. He has quickly become very comfortable and happy in the horses company!  He's already told me this morning...stables tomorrow! It gives him such rewards in so many ways. Thank you."

"Thanks for all the experiences and enhancing the pupil's curriculum. They really have enjoyed the opportunity! "

"I just wanted to drop you a message to say a huge thanks for helping "L" participate in these pony care sessions on a Tuesday . Every Tues she is coming home bouncing off the ceiling in excitement. The photos school have taken are just ‘out of this world’. I’m just so happy that this took off. I can honestly say it’s been the highlight of "L"'s school years! 

"L" keeps signing Billie all the time "

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